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Lunch at Voodoo Ray’s

We stopped by Voodoo Ray’s at Boxpark for lunch this¬†week. You know when you fancy pizza? But not Pizza Express or Domino’s pizza, delicious, freshly made ‘this slice is as big as my head’ pizza. Naturally, Voodoo Ray’s was a good shout.

Voodoo Ray's menu

What I love most about Voodoo Ray’s is that you can actually see the food you’re getting which makes it a lot easier to choose. I’m so indecisive when it comes to lunch and there’s lots about this menu to love and be indecisive about. They have a meal deal too which means you can get pizza, salad and a drink for less than ¬£7. Bargain!

Voodoo Ray's pizza

Voodoo Ray’s also provides us with fast food that tastes good. I don’t mind McDonald’s every once in awhile and I’m not stranger to carbs, but when you work in the city options for food can be at opposite ends of the spectrum. I don’t want quinoa with raw vegetables for lunch everyday, but I don’t want a buttermilk fried chicken burger with curly fries. I think Voodoo Ray’s has it just right. You get the best of both worlds here and the options (which are on rotation) mean that there’s something for everyone.

Voodoo Ray Receipt

Voodoo Ray's meat is on

We tried ‘The Meat Is On’ and ‘Shrooms!’ and we were both very happy with our choices.

Voodoo Ray's

If you’re in Shoreditch or Dalston, be sure to stop for a slice at Voodoo Ray’s. The food is great and they’re super nice too!



95 Kingsland High St, Dalston

Units 1-3, Boxpark, Shoreditch

Hours vary.

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