Arabica Sundae

Treats at Arabica Bar & Kitchen

Chris and I ventured out to Arabica at Borough Market on Monday evening. Unfortunately, we missed the lunch service which meant the menu changed slightly and we weren’t able to try the Lahmacun or Falafel – two of my favourite foods! It’s an excuse to go back soon.

Keeping it meaty, I tried the Chicken & Pistachio Shish with Cardamom, honey and green chilli. The Chicken was beautifully cooked and slid right off the skewer. I loved the pistachio and cardamom with the chicken, it had the right amount of chilli so it wasn’t too spicy and the honey mellowed it out a little. The colours on the plate also looked rather pretty.

Chicken Shish

Then came the Spicy Lamb Kofta with Summer root veg slaw. It was delicious, like the chicken, the lamb was perfectly cooked. Slightly pink and not chewy like kofta often can be. The slaw was fresh and made this my favourite dish of the day. I like spicy food and eat quite hot, this was too hot for Chris so if you don’t eat a lot of spicy foods, keep that in mind.

Lamb Kofta

To finish, the ABK Sundae – Dark chocolate ice cream with orange blossom cream, pistachio turkish delight, sesame brittle and walnuts. The first bite was strange, there is so much going on here. We both went in for a second bite to decide whether we liked it or not and tried each component on it’s own. The verdict? It’s weird and wonderful, the sesame brittle is delicious and we demolished that first. The dark chocolate ice cream and orange blossom cream were the perfect match, especially if you like chocolate orange. The orange wasn’t overpowering or too citrusy either. I think it was the pistachio turkish delight that threw us off to begin with. It’s an unusual taste and I’m not a lover of turkish delight in general. But it left me wanting more and I wasn’t quite sure why.

Service was good, it was fairly quiet when we arrived at 5:30. I would recommend checking the menu before you go so you know what is available for each service. We were also sat directly behind the cash register which wasn’t a great place to sit as we constantly had staff coming and going inches away from us. That was the only negative though and we couldn’t fault the food. We’ll definitely go back for Lahmacun and Falafel!

Arabica Bar & Kitchen at Borough Market open Monday – Sunday from 11am.

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