Voodoo Ray's outside

Lunch at Voodoo Ray’s

We stopped by Voodoo Ray’s at Boxpark for lunch this week. You know when you fancy pizza? But not Pizza Express or Domino’s pizza, delicious, freshly made ‘this slice is as big as my head’ pizza. Naturally, Voodoo Ray’s was a good shout. What I love most about Voodoo Ray’s is that you can actually see the food you’re getting which makes it a lot easier to choose. I’m so indecisive when it comes to lunch and there’s lots about this menu to love and be indecisive about. They have a meal deal too which means you can get pizza, salad […]

Arabica Sundae

Treats at Arabica Bar & Kitchen

Chris and I ventured out to Arabica at Borough Market on Monday evening. Unfortunately, we missed the lunch service which meant the menu changed slightly and we weren’t able to try the Lahmacun or Falafel – two of my favourite foods! It’s an excuse to go back soon. Keeping it meaty, I tried the Chicken & Pistachio Shish with Cardamom, honey and green chilli. The Chicken was beautifully cooked and slid right off the skewer. I loved the pistachio and cardamom with the chicken, it had the right amount of chilli so it wasn’t too spicy and the honey mellowed it out […]