Duck & Waffle view

Deliciousness at Duck & Waffle

I am a huge fan and frequent visitor of Duck & Waffle. One date night, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Heron Tower and we have been going back ever since. Be warned, unless you are going to stop by during off-peak hours and queue, you need to make a booking. Bookings open 60 days before your chosen date.

You’re whisked up to the 40th floor in an elevator that takes less than a minute to get to the top. This is where you get your first taste of the views to come. The bar is small but open, I haven’t spent much time there as we have always been seated promptly. Dining as a couple probably works out best for a window view here because most of the tables by the windows are for two.

Duck and Waffle view

Our favourite first course is the Rosemary and Garlic bread fresh from the oven, avoid the garlic bread if you’re hoping for a first date kiss!

Garlic and Rosemary bread

This is the chicken to rule all chickens. A whole roasted chicken with ratte potatoes, wild mushrooms and truffles. It’s plenty for two people and probably even for three, we always end up taking the rest home. It’s decadent and earthy and as a fan of roast chicken, mushrooms and truffles, this has become one of my favourite dishes in London.

Truffle Chicken

We usually have hot chocolate for dessert because we tend to be stuffed if we have the Chicken on that day. The hot chocolate isn’t  too sweet, but it’s rich and creamy and tops of a good meal.

On another trip we both had the House Breakfast which consists of a Lincolnshire sausage, two eggs (any style), dry cured bacon, grilled tomato, mushroom, hash brown, Scottish black pudding and sourdough toast. I love everything about this breakfast, apart from the black pudding but I am not a fan. Chris happily took it from my plate and said it was delicious. My favourite thing on the plate is the hash brown, it is a little nugget of potato perfection.



Then we tried brunch, it was especially hard to get a booking for brunch on the weekend so do book in advance. I had the Bananas Brulee. Everything about this plate is so right. It consists of a waffle topped with a housemade hazelnut & chocolate spread, vanilla ice cream, peanut crunch and bananas. Bananas and chocolate are a matchmade in heaven, but this dish isn’t sickly. It’s balanced by the salty peanut crunch and the vanilla ice cream. 

Bananas Brulee

Chris is quite a picky eater, so I’m always surprised when he tries something he wouldn’t usually try and enjoys it. This is true of the Duck and Waffle. A crispy leg confit, fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup. There’s a reason it’s a signature dish. I mean, look at that duck leg!

The actual Duck and Waffle

My favourite dessert at Duck & Waffle is Torrejas; sweet cuban toast, maple caramel apples, cinnamon ice cream. I convinced Chris to try this as it is definitely a dish for two. He doesn’t like cooked apples, which is ironic because he ended up eating more than half the dessert. It’s a winner.


We’ve spent a birthday each at Duck & Waffle, here’s what you get at the end of your meal.

Duck and Waffle Happy Birthday

Duck and Waffle Happy Birthday

Finally, the elevator ride down.

I love Duck & Waffle, the food is always amazing, the service is good and the views are incredible. It’s not snooty like some of London’s other popular restaurants, you never get people walking over to your table for the better view and taking pictures whilst you eat (it’s happened to us at Darwin Brasserie) and the dress code is reasonable.

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