Harry Potter Hogwarts Letters

Harry Potter nerdout at House of MinaLima

I am of the generation that grew up with Harry Potter, so whenever I get the opportunity to relive the HP magic, I’m there. I’ve been to the Studio Tour and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. When I heard that there was to be an exhibition of the art from the films, I cleared my afternoon. House of MinaLima is given to us by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima. They are the wizards behind the graphic art for the Harry Potter films and make no mistake, this house is magic. From the exterior and the guy outside who gave us […]

Voodoo Ray's outside

Lunch at Voodoo Ray’s

We stopped by Voodoo Ray’s at Boxpark for lunch this week. You know when you fancy pizza? But not Pizza Express or Domino’s pizza, delicious, freshly made ‘this slice is as big as my head’ pizza. Naturally, Voodoo Ray’s was a good shout. What I love most about Voodoo Ray’s is that you can actually see the food you’re getting which makes it a lot easier to choose. I’m so indecisive when it comes to lunch and there’s lots about this menu to love and be indecisive about. They have a meal deal too which means you can get pizza, salad […]

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin

Pumpkins & Mirror Rooms – Yayoi Kusama

I visited the Victoria Miro gallery in Islington on a rainy Wednesday lunchtime. I had heard about the Yayoi Kusama installation and having been too young to see her work the last time it was exhibited in London, I thought I’d check it out. After queuing for 10-15 mins, I went upstairs to find 3 polished bronze pumpkins. They are large, medium and small sizes. If there were pumpkins in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this is what they should’ve looked like. Then I queued again for roughly 10 mins for the mirrored room. ‘All the Eternal Love I Have for […]

Duck & Waffle view

Deliciousness at Duck & Waffle

I am a huge fan and frequent visitor of Duck & Waffle. One date night, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Heron Tower and we have been going back ever since. Be warned, unless you are going to stop by during off-peak hours and queue, you need to make a booking. Bookings open 60 days before your chosen date. You’re whisked up to the 40th floor in an elevator that takes less than a minute to get to the top. This is where you get your first taste of the views to come. The bar is small but […]

Arabica Sundae

Treats at Arabica Bar & Kitchen

Chris and I ventured out to Arabica at Borough Market on Monday evening. Unfortunately, we missed the lunch service which meant the menu changed slightly and we weren’t able to try the Lahmacun or Falafel – two of my favourite foods! It’s an excuse to go back soon. Keeping it meaty, I tried the Chicken & Pistachio Shish with Cardamom, honey and green chilli. The Chicken was beautifully cooked and slid right off the skewer. I loved the pistachio and cardamom with the chicken, it had the right amount of chilli so it wasn’t too spicy and the honey mellowed it out […]

Wandering through the overgrown garden

Wandering in Highgate Cemetery

I had seen photos of Highgate Cemetery on Instagram about a year ago and wanted to go ever since. I have a strange fascination with cemeteries. I was 11 the first time we visited my Grandad’s grave; rather than being freaked out, I thought “Dying can’t be that bad if you end up somewhere like this”. My Grandad happens to be buried in one of the ‘Magnificent Seven‘ (Highgate is one of the seven), so maybe that’s why. The cemetery is split into the East and West. The East Cemetery is home to some famous figures including Karl Marx and […]

Selection of teas

Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson London

For my birthday, my best friend took me to the Sanderson London for the Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea. Two things I love, afternoon tea and eating in cool hotels. The Sanderson is on Berner’s Street, a short walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station. The outside of the hotel doesn’t give much away, then you step inside this suave 50’s style space. It’s understated but luxuriously beautiful. We were greeted by a lovely hostess who sat us immediately in the courtyard. The courtyard garden has a nice vibe, it’s not at all stuffy and it’s pretty comfy with cushions and blankets. […]

The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down ft. Daya

This week, I’m obsessed with The Chainsmokers and their single ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ featuring Daya. It’s one of those songs that I can listen to anywhere; when I’m getting ready in the morning, on the tube, at the gym. I love it. Have a listen, get yo groove on.

The Lady whose face I can’t forget

I was shopping in town this week when I saw a homeless lady I had bumped into over a year ago. I recognised her immediately, there was something about her (from the first time I saw her) that stuck with me. She was in the exact same clothes and was carrying her belongings in carrier bags like last time. It broke my heart to her like this. I don’t know her name. I just remember the first time I saw her; I noticed people staring at me, at least I thought it was me they were staring at. I was […]

Brighton Pier

Off to the seaside – A day in Brighton

What do you do when it’s 25 degrees on a Bank Holiday weekend? You head to the beach of course! My boyfriend and I jumped on a train to Brighton from Victoria, if you’re not lastminute people like us, book your tickets in advance. We got our train tickets on the day and a return costs around £20 each. Usually, I try to get mine ahead of time on the Trainline and a return ticket with my 16-25 railcard costs as little as £6.60. It’s a big difference if you plan ahead. I think most of London had the same idea […]